Booklers are fun apps for promoting your books, courses and causes. Earn extra revenue and grow your audience with an engaging native iPhone & iPad apps.

Awakening Joy by James Baraz & Shoshana Alexander | Download

Instant PepTalk by Karen Salmansohn | Download

Life is Beautiful

Bible Surprise

Breakup Medicine

Act! with Obama

Three good reasons for having a Booklers mobile app

  1. Your audience needs help with putting your advice into daily practice. Most readers fail to follow up on advice they get from books and courses. Our apps help with this – by guiding users through daily exercises and letting them creatively express their insights.
  2. Earn passive income and monetize your existing audience.
  3. Grow your audience; promote your content through app stores and app users sharing your content. Use the launch of the app as a newsworthy event in your PR.

Users love Bookler apps

“Love the ability to make my own posters with her quotes or my own. Love the daily reminders!” ★★★★★ / Instant PepTalk

“Karen has become my inspiration! Her posters are great! I love the fact that I can use my own photos to make my own! Really great app!” ★★★★★ / Instant PepTalk

“Absolutely love it! This app has become part of my morning ritual. It is a fantastic companion to the course.” ★★★★★ / Awakening Joy

“Great :) Fun app to help keep a positive attitude. It is very fun to make posters.” ★★★★★ / Life is Beautiful

“I feel this app is my lighthouse guiding me home.” ★★★★★ / Breakup Medicine

You provide the content - we take care of everything else

Our all-inclusive no-hasels package includes:

  1. Consultation – goals, what content, structure, scope and features.
  2. Content entry and web based content management app.
  3. Visual customization (colors, icons, loading screen, fonts).
  4. Test versions of the app.
  5. Publishing the app to iTunes store.
  6. Preparing app store marketing material (screen shoots, texts)
  7. After launch follow up with updates, fixes and advice on how to grow your audience.
  8. Real time usage stats through Google Analytics.

How to start?

Easy. Contact us and we’ll arrange a free consultation.